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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Take a general overview of the staircase and decide which side of the staircase has the best structural wall for the rail to be mounted on. Be aware that the railing will overhang the landings if there is room to do so.
    Take notes and pictures of any obstacles or fixtures such as; doorways, windows, hallways, heating rads, doors or anything that will intrude into the stairway.
  • With a measuring tape, measure the following as shown above to the closest inch or cm.

    (View looking up stairs)
    (View looking up stairs)
  • Enter the measurements for the first set of steps:

    (Numbers correlate with images)
  • Enter the measurements for the second set of steps: (Fill this section out only if you have two sets of steps or if your stairs have a landing).

    (Numbers correlate with images)
  • Please upload images of your stairs below. Here is an example photo:

  • If you have additional images that you would like to provide please email them to information@stairsteady.ca. Make sure to include your name and phone number in the email.

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