An Innovative Mobility Solution

Manufactured in Canada by Hillz Tech Ltd, StairSteady is a simple and affordable system that can help you regain your mobility. Comprised of a rail and moving handle, StairSteady gives you the independence to climb stairs by yourself. StairSteady’s handle also provides security when going down stairs, helping to prevent falls.  StairSteady can help seniors and people who have been injured or suffered an injury stay at home, avoiding expensive medical care.

Providing Greater Health and Mobility

An important part of independence is mobility — having the freedom to go where you want or need within your home safely and securely. That’s the core concept behind Stair Steady, and since 2013, it’s been our privilege to help hundreds of Canadians stay home safely and avoid costly medical care. Here’s how it works.

This high-quality handrail won’t replace your existing handrail, though it can if you like. Instead, it can be installed on any wall. Attached to the rail is a lockable handle that, when not in use, can neatly fold out of the way so as not to obstruct. If there are additional users, we’re happy to install two handles to provide maximum mobility for everyone.

To use Stair Steady, simply lift the handle up slightly to the horizontal position and push it up the railing until your arm is fully extended. This puts the handle into the working mode, and when you stop pushing it, it will securely lock in place. When locked, the handle is able to support weights of up to 225 pounds. Then, you pull yourself up the stair and repeat the process. Going down is just as easy. You’ll put the handle into the working mode, pull back slightly, then push forward. If you lose your balance, the handle will lock and catch you.

If you can use a cane or lift as little as a pound, you can use Stair Steady easily.

Find Your Independence Again with StairSteady

Get your confidence back with our Hillz Tech Ltd. StairSteady system based in Whitby. It gives users the confidence to maneuver their home once more. The moving handle is easy to use, and tucks away neatly when finished. If there will be additional users, we can install two handles that provide maximum mobility for all residents. To see how it works, watch our videos.

For more information or to schedule an installation, contact us online or by phone today!