At Hillz Tech, we think mobility is critically important, particularly when it comes to increasing independence for Canadians while at home. It’s the philosophy that powered the development of Stair Steady. Constructed in the Greater Toronto area, our high-quality handrail system folds out of the way when not in use. This allows you or a loved one to move safely and securely between floors, as well as helping to prevent harmful falls. We’re proud to be the 2013 winner of the British Healthcare Award.

By utilizing state of the art stamping techniques, we can provide optimal strength. Additionally, the use of zinc die-casting ensures that all parts are reliable, secure, and able to support weights of up to 225 pounds. Stair Steady was designed to be a cost-effective solution, available at a fraction of the cost of other personal mobility systems. Installation can be performed by an authorized contractor within two days of scheduling. No renovations are required, it won’t obstruct staircases, and its cream color is designed to seamlessly blend in with the decor of your home.

Stair Steady is available in more than 140 Canadian stores and is available for purchase through our website. Ready to get moving? Contact us online or by phone to get started today.

Hillztech was founded on a desire to help. We wanted to do something that improved the lives of others, adding or restoring quality of life. The engineering and development of Stair Steady has allowed our family-owned organization to hold true to our mission of helping people of all ages enjoy the freedom of mobility by facilitating safety while traversing stairs.

We found our initial purpose after being contacted by a friend whose father struggled with walking upstairs but refused to use a stair lift. Could we design a walker, but for stairs? The challenge intrigued us, and we began brainstorming. A little research led us to UK resident Ruth Amos. Since staircases in many English homes are narrow and can’t accomodate a stairlift, Ruth needed something with a small footprint. She developed the Stair Steady, and changed the world. Ruth’s Stair Steady won the British Healthcare award of 2013.

There was only one problem — the product wasn’t sold anywhere in North America. We reached out to Ruth to see about us manufacturing Stair Steady here in Canada. Discussions took place, we visited England to test a Stair Steady in a home, and changes were made to the design to allow for large-scale production.

After a search for a manufacturer, we finally partnered with McKesson Pharmaceutical Ltd. It took persistence, courage, and a little faith, but now Stair Steady is available online and in more than 140 stores across Canada.